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Bipap Machine (On Rent) - FOR DELHI NCR ONLY  -  T20T
Bipap Machine (On Rent) - FOR DELHI NCR ONLY  -  T20T
Bipap Machine (On Rent) - FOR DELHI NCR ONLY  -  T20T

Bipap Machine (On Rent) - FOR DELHI NCR ONLY - T20T

Urban Mediquip

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  • Product Description

    What is BPAP or BiPAP? If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, BPAP / BiPAP is a term you may have come across. It may even be used to describe the treatment therapy you’ve been prescribed. But what does it mean?

    An abbreviation of Bilevel positive airway pressure, BPAP or BiPAP is one of the main forms of positive airway pressure, or PAP therapy. A BiPAP machine typically helps in inhalation (breathe in) as well as exhalation (breathe out).

    A bipap can also function as a Cpap if needed. But a Cpap cannot be used as a Bipap. 

    What will you receive?

    If you order BiPAP on rent from us, you will receive the following:

    1. BiPAP Equipment - of any reputed brand - Capacity of maximum IPAP 20 and Maximum EPAP 10
    2. Humidifier
    3. BiPAP Tube: This is a connecting tube between the Equipment and the mask

    What is NOT INCLUDED?

    1. BiPAP Full Face Mask : Due to hygiene reasons, we do not provide masks with rental units. If you don't already have a mask, you can opt to buy one from us.  

    Product Specifications
    • Therapy Modes - S, T, S/T, CPAP
    • Pressure Range IPAP - 4-20 CM H2O
    • Pressure Range EPAP - 4-10 CM H2O
    • Sound Levels - ≤30 dBA
    • Ramp - 0 - 60 minutes 
    • Ramp Start - 4 to Minimum Pressure
    • Filters - Reusable Foam Filters (Standard Grey)
    • Auto-Altitude Adjustment - NA
    • SD Data Card - Available
    • Chamber Capacity - 350 mL to Max. Fill Line
    • AC Power - Universal AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    • AC Power Supply - Yes
    • Battery - NA
    • Size -  170mm (~6.7")L x 196mm (~7.7")W x 118mm (~4.6") - 290mm (~11.4'')L x 196mm (~7.7'')W x 134mm (~5.3'') with humidifier
    • Weight - 1.5Kg (~3.3 Lbs) - 2.5Kg (~5.5 Lbs) with humidifier
    • Water Chamber Type - Standard

      Terms of Renting

    1. Rental Period: Rental period should be decided in advance. Once selected, we will not be able to change the rental period.

    2. Renewals : Renewals are allowed subject to the condition that the intention for renewal is communicated at least 3 days in advance. At the time of renewal, the customer will again have an option to decide the tenure of the renewal from the available option. 

    3. Maintainence : Since you are opting this for rental plan, if there is any malfunction, Urban Mediquip will give you a replacement unit within 48 hours. However, if there is any physical damage to the product which can be concluded to have happened because of the negligence of the user or which can not be categorized as normal wear and tear, the repairing cost has to be borne by the user. 

    4. Security Deposit: For the purpose of security deposit, the user will have to give a one month post dated cheque amounting to Rs. 5,000/- in favor of "Urban Mediquip Private Limited" at the time of delivery. This same cheque will be refunded at the time of return of the equipment.   

    5. Refund : In no case shall there be a refund of rental amount. The users are requested to carefully opt for the rental period. 

    6. Inclusions: The price includes the rights to use the product, delivery and pickup of the product.

    Shipping Time

    As of now, the rental options are valid only for Delhi/NCR. Although we try to The shipping time of the rental unit will be upto 48 hours. For urgent deliveries or to prebook, we request you to contact us at our customer support number 8448704667.

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